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Event Central allows you to make the mission and work of CaringBridge possible by hosting a fundraiser that best fits your lifestyle and interests. You can make your next athletic event (marathon, triathlon, bike ride) a fundraiser, plan your own event (car wash, bake sale, wine tasting), or even raise funds in honor of a special day (birthday, wedding, health milestone). We'll provide the tools and support you need to make your event a success.

Need some inspiration? Read the stories below of past CaringBridge fundraisers to get your creative ideas flowing for your own event. Or, download our list of event ideas.

commemorating her health milestone

“Because of the wonderful support CaringBridge provided me during my cancer journey, I wanted to be able to provide the same opportunity to those on a health journey.”

And so she did. On the one-year anniversary of being diagnosed Cheryl, a breast cancer survivor, did a fundraiser in celebration of her important day. Out of gratitude for the care and encouragement she received from her community through CaringBridge, she wanted to give back so Sites are available to families in need all over the world. Her community was happy to join her in “giving back” by donating to her CaringBridge fundraiser.

Cheryl — Minnetonka, MN

organizing a memorial golf tournament

Jaime and Maria’s first daughter, Carly, was born with Down Syndrome six weeks prematurely. They used CaringBridge for over three years to help keep their community informed of her recoveries and progress until, sadly, Carly passed away.

Out of great love, Jaime and Maria created the Carly May Foundation (www.carlymayfoundation.org) to provide support for families that have a child with Down Syndrome or a chronic illness. Each year the Carly May Foundation hosts a Memorial Golf Tournament and CaringBridge is one of the organizations that receives proceeds from that tournament.

“The generosity of people is amazing and being able to honor our daughter and keep her memory alive is very heart-warming…the best part is being able to give back to the organizations that helped us the most in a time of need,” Jaime and Maria said.

Jaime and Maria — Lakeville, MN

donating through their business

Each Thanksgiving Jeff and Sherry open their restaurant in Bemidji, Minnesota to people needing a free Thanksgiving dinner. They also raise funds for a charity. After using CaringBridge to stay connected with friends and family during various health journeys, they decided to have their 2011 Thanksgiving fundraising dinner event benefit CaringBridge.

They are grateful for the friends and family who helped them raise $2,200 and said about their CaringBridge fundraising experience, “CaringBridge will easily help you set up a fundraising page. And, in our own experience, when people asked where the money was going, they were more than glad to donate to the cause…CaringBridge has helped or touched almost everyone, in one way or another!”

Jeff and Sherry — Bemidji, MN

giving her miles meaning

When Kate’s friend Jeff was hit by a car, his family used CaringBridge to keep his community connected and updated about his recovery. Kate wanted to do something in honor of her friend and his family, so she gave her miles meaning and dedicated her half marathon run in Nashville to raising funds for CaringBridge.

“Raising money through an athletic event for an organization that is all about keeping people connected seemed a perfect way to honor my friend.”

Kate raised over $2,700 for CaringBridge through her half marathon endeavor! Those funds helped make CaringBridge available to more people to receive the care of their community like Jeff did.

Kate — Montoursville, PA

commemorating a beloved sister

Kelly knows the power of CaringBridge. Her little sister, Amy, used CaringBridge during her cancer journey and loved the support it brought to her, her friends, and her family.

Sadly, Amy passed away, but Kelly decided to honor what would have been Amy’s 34th birthday by raising funds for CaringBridge. Having a CaringBridge fundraiser in her memory so others could be helped was a great way to give back and honor Amy’s memory.

“Amy was overwhelmed by the love and support CaringBridge brought into her life. I loved honoring her birthday by fundraising for CaringBridge—it was a gift I could still give her whether she was here or not. And, there was no question in my mind that she would have loved it.”

Kelly — Eagan, MN

dedicating her triathlon to CaringBridge

Michelle knows the impact of reading a friend’s CaringBridge Site and feeling connected. After experiencing those benefits, Michelle decided to do a CaringBridge fundraiser to support a charity she believes in.

As someone who likes an athletic challenge and with a birthday approaching, Michelle took on a triathlon as her fundraiser. She asked her community to encourage her efforts by donating to CaringBridge through her fundraising page.

“I shared my personal fundraising page with an email to family and friends, and on Facebook, Twitter and my blog. My friends who donated gladly gave a donation to a good cause in place of buying me a birthday present,” Michelle said.

Michelle — Burnsville, MN